Becomming one with my bike

Image  I would have laughed months ago if someone told me that you need to become one with your bike. To me…running was just so much safer. If I fell- most likely it was my own fault. I had complete control of my body. Where, when , how fast, how far, and of course- if I took a spill then it was my own fault! But the bike brings new elements into training all together. Cadence, Drafting, TIME, lots and lots of TIME. I can’t zone out on the bike the way I can when I run.YET. But that I know will come with time. I am loving these workouts. Still trying to figure out a schedule and looking forward to working with Anne, my new sports dietician. I can definitely feel myself lagging on days my nutrition is off. The science behind it all intrigues me, and I cant stop wanting to learn more and more! I started a book on mental toughness training in sports today. Intersting to me that toughness is not necessarily what most would imagine it to be. It is resiliency, how well we bounce back *our attitude*, and our durability. That word keeps sticking in my head during every workout. QT2 talks a lot about building durability. I’ve thought a lot about what this means in terms of my training. Yes, I feel like I am holding back intensity on my workouts, but I can already tell that my mental capacity to spend the TIME training is already increasing. Not to mention the time has forced me to start to get more comfortable in the water and on the bike. This is only the beginning of my journey. And as coach noted- I am a clean slate. So i’m trying to be a human sponge. Take it all in, practice it, live it, repeat it, and grow with it. Sometimes getting better means taking a step back and looking at your weaknesses. Everyone wants to work on their strengths, but the strongest people are the ones who arent afraid to look honestly at themselves and see what they need to work on. Tomorrow is a brick workout- and I cant wait for my feet to hit the ground! From 80 miles a week to 20- but you better believe I am making each minute and mile count! My brother always told me “Katie- you must look at yourself honestly in the mirror each day. What did you do wrong? What could you do better? What did you do right? How can you make it more meaningful?” Today I learned the importance of a good nights sleep! I learned that I need to tackle the bike fearlessly and push myself to learn as much as I can. I am looking forward to testing the waters this season. Skills, base building, and balancing out muscle imbalances are my focus at the moment….but I am looking forward to the challenges to come. Until then, I will make the most out of each day and each workout. And when i am tired and feeling unmotivated, I will think of my husband- staying up 24 hours straight to fly missions overseas. Now that is durability. I couldnt have a better motivator, friend, and support. Everyone needs an external motivator- and he is it for me. I could only hope to make him as proud of me as I am of him. So until then, i’ll keep plugging and count the days until his return. Most likely on my bike..                                           ..

Imagexc nationals 2011ImageNOTE: Not my bike


Motivation Proclamation

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it.” ~ Wilferd A. Peterson

March 30, 2012

Live to sweat


I started my journey with QT2 Systems and coach Mary Eggers  about two weeks ago. I am so incredibly excited to be a part of the team. I have been mentally preparing for it for a while, but was caught up in marathoning and ultra marathoning, getting married, moving… you know the heavy stuff :O)

 It has been a long time coming. Battle injuries and the quest to complete Boston 26.2 again this year (but this time with out a limp!) One of my stops along the way through this story will be Austin 70.3 in October. Right now it feels like there is endless work to do on the bike and swim, but with slight hesitation that the focus will take away from my strength- the run. One of the greatest lessons this journey has taught me is to TRUST! Trust your coach, trust your team, trust the numbers! One more mile isnt always better :o) I love training. There is something about pushing my body to new levels that keeps me coming back for more. For a long time I felt like I was searching for my purpose, my passion, my “career”. Once I finally took away the “you should’s and you can’t”, I realized the answer was staring me in the face. I want to be a professional triathlete. THIS is truely where my heart is and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to pursue it. Now comes the challenging part. Proving to the world that I am good enough. I know one thing…I will do what ever it takes to accomplish my goal of getting my pro card. So bring it Eggers 🙂 Bring the yards, the miles, the cadence, the tapers, the doubles and triples. After all…it has to hurt a little if were really going to make it worth it!

As I was blogging (is that the correct term?) earlier, I have some work to do on my bike. My first meeting with Mary started like this :
“Do you have a tri bike?”

“Nope 🙂 :

“Do you have Aero Bars?”


“Do you have a heart rate monitor?”

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SWIM? hahaha Just kidding! And YES! I like to call my bike a work in progress:) At least its carbon!

The first week of training was great. I got to do a ton of swimming and testing. The second week has been hectic. Traveling always gets to me- but man does it feel good to be back! I love the California weather! Kind of like Boston marathon weather every day here :O) Maybe Mary will offer a deferrment policy for my Brick on Tuesday :p



Today I had some words with my bike. After the chain fell off and I covered myself in grease, my garmin died 10 minutes in, I got lost out near napa somewhere, and forgot to put sunscreen on my back! Talk about rookie! I came home with no water, a dead watch,  a greasy shirt, and a lobster back. As frustrated as I was, I had to laugh. Seriously though…charge your garmin, put on sunscreen, and plan your ride! Sounds easy :p I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the lessons I am going to learn while spending solo hours with my bike. Bring…it….Mary?