Challenging Limits

imagesVAW33J0ETwo weeks in!

Just a little update to the new season after beginning my training with Hillary Biscay and Team HPB.

It seems like my fitness is coming back faster than I thought it would. I’m really enjoying the change of pace. And change of pace it is! I started back to work the same day I started back to training. It’s been a lesson in preparation. Weekends are spent meal planning, prepping, and bag packing! I have 5 bags packed. One for every day I’m working. A few days a week I’m gone from 4am- 5pm, so I’m totally spent by the time I collapse on the floor at 7:30pm. Thank god for my crockpot! I have every meal ready in giant ziplocks and just dump it in to cook while I’m at work! And I GOT A VITA MIX THIS WEEK! I’ve wanted one for years. 4am workouts are something I just started this year. It allows me to be done before I head to school (work) so I can go right to Physical therapy after school. Once I’m up its not bad, I kind of enjoy getting it done early.

Physical therapy is an important piece for me right now. I was having problems with my left calf seizing up every time I ran a few months back. After going to PT, we realized it was stemming from some Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis (most likely the 22, 18, and 15 milers I did back to back). Idiot. And THEN! Nick my awesome PT made me do side planks with a leg lift. I could barely get my right leg up when I was on my left side. Holy weak side! So were working on correcting my imbalances.

I’m also learning to love the treadmill. Ok well not love, but I’m getting used to it! It is the best way for me to remain injury free and increase my fitness. For me, perceived exertion is way off when I’m on it- so that’s been an adjustment, but it’s coming along. The bike is all about just getting time on the saddle, along with some strength building trainer rides. Love the trainer. And swimming has been feeling great.

At the end of February, I’ll be heading to Tuscon, Arizona to train with the team. A little birdy told me that we would be swimming a monster set. 100 X 100. Yes, 10,000 yards. I’m excited to push myself. Though I admit my fear of descending has be completely freaked about the way down Mt. Lemmon. But this is why I’m going. To push myself outside my comfort zone and to learn to ride the descents with skill and not fear. I can’t wait to meet my new teammates! I’ll be staying in a Casita with 3 other girls. Should be a blast!

I’m also lucky enough to have my sponsors back this season! Quintana Roo and my amazing Illlicito (shameless plug) , Pacific Health Labs, XTERRA wetsuits, and hopefully KT Tape again! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you guys. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for our sport! I’m ready to represent this year!

Also, a shout out to my former coach Mary Eggers and the awesome Valor Triathlon Project for supporting my move to Team HPB. I will sure miss you guys! But I can’t wait to head back east and watch you all crush it out there!

As for this season and racing, I have an east coast schedule and a west coast schedule. I truly am not sure what coast I’ll be living on in the next few months. Tis the life of the Military wife! LOL. Hopefully I will find out soon! I would LOVEEEEEEE to be back on the East coast near my favorite people and family! I miss my bestie more than words (momma- that’s you 😉 ).

So cheers to all of you perusing you dreams. I know it is a sacrifice. And to you, Adam Myszka. My other bestie and best sherpa ever. Thank you for always supporting my dreams. And containing my crazy! I love you!

Train on friends!


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